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Coast to Coast provides a high quality service for events big and small. Working with your event planning team to throughly risk assess your event, we work hard to ensure all eventualities are considered and assessed to help create an individualised water safety plan. 


A carefully selected team will support and provide vigilant safety cover throughout your event,  based on your requirements and needs.


Our highly experienced team are trained to conduct ongoing dynamic risk assessments throughout the event and possess all the skills and expertise to

react and deal in a professional and quick manner should an incident or situation arise. 

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The ocean is our daily working environment. The Coast to Coast safety team are experts in how the tide, wind and swell will effect an area on a given day. With this knowledge we can work with you in the development stages of production, using this understanding and expertise to help realise your projects, ensuring they run smoothly and efficiently on the day. 


During this early consultation we are able to risk assess the water side of the production leading to a water safety management plan, and go on to provide, source or recommend the required water safety assets. 


The Coast to Coast safety team have access to a variety of expertise and water craft to bring you a one stop shop in filming support and safety.

We are able to provide an all round advisory, support and safety service with specialised equipment and experienced crews able to help manoeuvre people, camera crews and equipment in and around surf, rocks, shallow water, as well as up to 20 miles out to sea. We can make certain you get shots close into the action, whilst ensuring the security of those involved in this constantly changing environment. 


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