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BURGH ISLAND £30 per person

This iconic swim is leisurely, taking up to around an hour to complete the 1 mile distance, allowing swimmers the time to enjoy, explore, learn about and experience some of the UK's most spectacular coastline.

Get up close and personal to this stunning island, explore caves and cracks, enjoy often pristine waters, and get lost in its beauty. Definitely a bucket list swim for all open water and wild swimming enthusiasts.

Our group size for swims is 8 max and these swims are led and overlooked by qualified, local, knowledgeable swim guides and beach lifeguards. As the swim is leisurely and takes around about an hour we highly recommend wetsuits are worn for this swim. 

Want a private, individual or group swim or have a specific date in mind then please  contact us direct.

With no exit points along the swim you will need to be sure you can complete the distance. 

Included in the price is:

- Full swim guide and safety cover

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AVON RIVER £65 per person  

A stunning 5km tidal assisted river swim starting at Aveton Gifford and finishing at Bantham beach. 

This beautiful area of outstanding natural beauty is a bucket list swim for most outdoor swimming enthusiasts. 

The tide helps you downstream all the way, the closer to the beach we get the faster the flow gets until we reach what is know as the "Swoosh". This is where the river squeezes and the speed of the tidal flow increases to an unbelievable rate - if you ever dreamed of being an Olympic swimmer you'll feel like one here!

Our group size is 6 max.

We offer a gentle paced swim, perfect for slower paced front crawlers.

A quicker paced swim is also on offer for those who wish to continuous front crawl swim...please know this is not a race but more a chance to enjoy a truly beautiful swim. Were possible we stay as group and enjoy it as a group. 

With very few exit points along the swim you will need to be sure you can complete the distance. The swim can take up to 2 hours and so a wetsuit is required for this swim. Even on hot sunny days this length of swim has the ability to cool you down to unsafe levels. 

Included in the price is:

- Experienced swim guide and water safety cover

- Coast to Coast Water Safety swim cap 

- Transport from Bantham to swim start

THE HIKONIC-£95 per person  

Join us for our new activity - the HIKONIC. 

This is a swim hike mission allowing you to swim some of Devon's most iconic wild swims and getting to each one via breath-taking coastal paths. This adventure covers a total swim distance of 5km and coast path hiking for 10km - so a decent level of fitness is required.

For this you will be lent one of our Ruckrafts from Above Below,( a great piece of kit which allows you to swim with your hiking gear behind you and hike with your swim gear on your back. During the 'Hikonic'  we take in 3 iconic swims (Burgh Island, Bantham Swoosh and the Thurlestone Archway) reaching them all via the stunning South West Coast-path.

If conditions are unsafe on the day of your swim hike we have an alternative route in which we still take in some the South hams most amazing sights and places. We don't think you will be disappointed!

Included in the price is:

- Full swim guide and safety cover 

- Loan of an Above Below Ruckraft for your Hikonic

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SEA, WOODS, RIVERS AND MOORS Hike'n swim camp £295 per person

In partnership with Nigel from Immersion Fitness, we're offering Hike and Swim camp weekends. Join us in July or September for a wild adventure in the Sea, Woods, Rivers and Moors of Dartmoor and the South Devon coast.

Challenge and enjoy yourself over a great weekend in the wild...


If you're an intermediate to experienced front crawler and want to cover some distance, we are offering a quick pace weekend at the end of July.

If you're more breast stroker or slow front crawler, we are offering a gentler weekend mid September.


Arrive Friday evening, set up your tent, then relax and socialise round the fire while tucking into a fire cooked veggie stew and sourdough.

Early start Saturday morning with a refreshing dip in the river below the camp followed by a fire cooked and buffet style breakfast.

Once reinvigorated and ready for the day, we'll aim for the South Hams coastline to explore "Per Mare Per Terram" some remote coves and beaches and enjoy the beautiful South West Coast Path.

After a great day out, we'll refuel on a well deserved local fish'n chips and a restful evening at the camp around the fire. A wood fired hot tub will be also waiting for you!


Similar - but later start - on Sunday with a change of scenery where we'll aim to explore some of Nigel's favourite routes with a series of hikes in the wilderness of Dartmoor - about 8 to 10km to be covered throughout the day with dips and short swims in ponds, lakes or rivers.

We'll round off the weekend with a tasty lunch at one of the local pubs near the camp.


Included in the price is:​

- Private wood camp and facilities

- Breakfasts, pack lunch and friday/saturday dinners 

- Hike'n swim guides, water safety cover, logistic support

- Transport from camp to hike and swim locations

- Loan of a versatile Ruckraft if used during the weekend


Vouchers valid for 1 year and available for all of our swim ventures and courses.

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